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E&D’s offers a variety of Code compliant railing options to suit your needs including the standard galvanized chain-link fence, vinyl coated chain-link fence and vertical picket rails.

Vertical Picket Rails
E&D’s vertical picket rail provides a safe, durable and visually appealing alternative to chain link fencing. Our picket rails are customarily finished with black powder coating. However, you can choose any of our 16 color powdercoat finishes to give your venue that customized look. Custom heights and rise/runs are available to accommodate your specific project.

Vinyl Coated Chain-link Fence
E&D’s 6 gauge Vinyl chain link fence is code compliant, maintenance free, attractive and lasts a lifetime. Various color options are available including Black, Woodland Green, Ensor Green and Brown. It is the perfect option if you want a more refined look without the cost of Picket Rails.

Galvanized Chain-link Fence
Standard 9 gauge galvanized chain-link fence is strong and corrosion resistant. All posts, rails and structural components are galvanized for a long life. It is the choice for those who want durable and economical fencing.